All Go Back To One Source.

The building (renovation) work here has resulted in my once cosy and slightly quirky living room being temporarily transformed into something akin to a DIY fanatics garage. Complete with piles of tools, bags of sand and cement, and of course; a layer of plaster dust covering everything. I just hope the weather improves next week so that the crew can get to grips with my ancient and awkwardly constructed roof. Its funny, but every time I encounter or hire builders I always seem to acquire a new word or phrase to describe damage, either existing or pending. This crew seem to be using the term Woked...they are doing a great job incidentally!. Again my work situation has changed and I find myself able to add yet another string to the bow. I have almost lost track of all the varied and disparate occupational experiences that have been a feature of my life over the last three years. Though, I do like this constant flux of change its quite inspiring, and conducive to the development of social breadth not to mention a repertoire of skills.
Again my mind is being blown by a tune on JFM TCE, vocalist sounds very androgynously male, a bit like Nina (Simone?) or Carmen Lundi through a DPS processor. Lots of interesting vocals & sax in syncopated unison, sounds like a John Coltrain cover, All go back to one source.....I need to get some pictures printed ASAP. I really want to try to apply some of my techniques and approaches to portraiture. I'm quite interested in a notion of the face as sculpture. An approach that has an obvious resonance with the overtly constructavist look of my architectural pictures. I am also very interested in developing my lens augmentation techniques to produce colour pictures that have an almost dream like quality with controlled perspective distortion and chromatic aberration, a more avant garde aesthetic. The tune is by Dwight Trible off an album called Horace dedicated to Horace Tabscot track called John Coltrain but not a Coltrain cover....another must get CD...I am going to need a substantial pay rise!.

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